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The Audience

"99 Signs You Might be a Bitcoin Maximalist" is the perfect book to discover if you or your friends are true Bitcoin Maxis. This one will be a certain conversation starter. Perfect as a gift for the toxic Maxi or the one who was just recently orange pilled.

Give it to your coworker, graduate, mom, dad, brother sister... Anyone who is involved in Bitcoin at the slightest level will get something out of this book.

Are you are a corporate marketing director looking to give a gift to your customers or clients? This is the perfect present. This book is certain to get read and talked about.

Our Inspiration

The inspiration for this book came from the countless individuals, unafraid to speak their mind on Bitcoin Twitter. Their passion and bluntness inspired us to take a closer look at the characteristics die-hard Bitcoiners share.

Many Bitcoin books will discuss the technical aspects of Bitcoin but few consider the psychology. So, we decided it was time for the Bitcoin community to lighten up and "99 Signs You Might be a Bitcoin Maximalist" was born.




The Audience

"Bitcoin for Kiddos" is a great story for children and adults alike. Learn the story of Bitcoin and how it is taking the world by storm. Perfect for an afternoon read or a bedtime story.

Perfect for that family member that needs an extra push to look deeper into Bitcoin or that friend that is endlessly jokes with you about Hodling it. This book is great for your personal library or a gift for friends.

The back pages of the book have a glossary of basic Bitcoin terms that will help you grow your families knowledge and terminology used in the crypto space. Learn the basic concepts of money and currency and gain a better understanding of the importance of Bitcoin.

Our Inspiration

Our kids are the future. "Bitcoin for Kiddos" was born out of a lack of educational material for children around this digital asset.
We wanted to start a fun and engaging dialog with our kids on the subject of money and where Bitcoin fits in. 

The Bitcoin for Kiddos book idea was in our heads for about two years prior to its creation. We knew we wanted to educate our kids but we did not have any image or text ideas at the time.  Ultimately Frieda sat down one night and said: “Chris, if you can write the story I’ll draw the pictures and your kids will get to enjoy it.” The rest is history.


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