About Us

Our kids are the future.  We started BTC Publish when our first book "Bitcoin for Kiddos" was created.  This book was born out of a lack of educational material for children around this digital asset.

We wanted to start a fun and engaging dialog with our kids on the subject of money and where Bitcoin fits in.  The world is constantly changing around us and the money is changing too.

As everything becomes more digitized we as parents must do our best to keep up and continue our education.  We believe that Bitcoin is a monetary system that provides an even playing field and will give our children the best chance at a bright future.   

About Chris:  Born and raised in California.  Background in finance.  Loves golf and educating himself on central banking, monetary policy and Bitcoin. 

Chris on the start of his rabbit hole journey: "In 2002, I had a conversation with my dad about what it would take for world peace.  During that conversation I felt in order for our world to get along there needed to be one thing to unite everyone.  I believed, and still believe, a currency that is un-manipulatable by governments will bring everyone closer together.  I first heard about Bitcoin in 2013 and believed what the mainstream media was telling me.  It wasn't until 2016 I really started my trip down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole.  A close friend convinced me it wasn't the black market money laundering currency the media & government made it out to be.  So I read the white paper... and the rest is history."

About Frieda:  Born and raised in Berlin, Germany.  Background in techie stuff, art and nutrition.  Loves nature, helping people on their health journey and geeking out about anything foodie related, wellness and the human body.

Frieda on the start of her rabbit hole journey:  "On the “Orange Pill Podcast” there was a segment talking about a woman in an abusive relationship with her husband in a country where women are still not allowed to earn a paycheck.  This woman started contributing to blogs in her freetime as a writer and got paid in Bitcoin.  She was able to store her Bitcoin on her flash drive and keep it in a safe place until she had accumulated enough to be able to get out of her situation.  Bitcoin had helped her to become financially stable on her own.  I have always been in a loving relationship and have earned my own money but this personal story of hers somehow resonated with me.  This was a key moment for me in which I started researching more about money in the world and how it all works.  Did you know that over one third of the world is unbanked today?  This is where the rabbit hole started..."

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