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Bitcoin Book Bundle (2 books total)

Bitcoin Book Bundle (2 books total)

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Bundle and save over 10%.  This deal includes one "Bitcoin for Kiddos" and one "99 Signs You Might be a Bitcoin Maximalist" book.


1 x "99 Signs You Might be a Bitcoin Maximalist" book

A must have book for anyone interested in Bitcoin.  

You've learned about the technology that makes Bitcoin great, now learn the psychology that turns normal people into die hard Maximalists.  This book will have you laughing and pointing fingers from the moment you turn the first page.

Many consider themselves Bitcoiners, but few would go so far as to call themselves a Maximalist. We have gone deep inside the spiritual realm of Hyperbitcoinization and unlocked some of the key characteristics many Maxis have in common.

Recommended for ages 16-99

108 Pages | B&W | Paperback | 8x8 inches

1 x "Bitcoin for Kiddos" book
Journey down the rabbit hole to discover why Bitcoin was invented. This story sparks the imagination of children and adults alike. Learn the basic concepts of the differences between money and currency and gain a better understanding of the importance of Bitcoin.  This engaging story is guaranteed to keep you asking questions long after the last page is read.

Recommended for ages 3-99

20 Pages full of colorful illustrations | Paperback | 10x8 inches


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