"I just bought 2 copies.  I own a Vet Clinic.  They are going in my lobby."
- Kevin L


"Read to my 6 yr old lil sister last weekend and she loved it!  Quote from her, "Bitcoin is really good, huh?!  We need more!"
- Kayley R

"I got this book for my nephew.  His mother said they've been using it as a bedtime book.  The other day she told me that he's now asking for them to read the Bitcoin book for bedtime." 
- Jim C 

“It’s adorable and informative.  Great Job!”
- Thomas K

“We purchased the book for my nephew. He loves it!”
- Scott C

“I really enjoyed the text and illustrations! I would like to order another copy of the book to keep for us.  Is it possible you could sign the next copy I order?”
-Tim S

“Amazing book!  When I got to the last page… almost coulda shed a tear lol.”
- Patrick K

"Love, love, love the book… the limerick prose is the best!  The illustrations are cool and it’s a great way to get your head around the basics!  Bravo!”
- Sil M

“I loved it so much, we bought 15 copies to help spread the word.  Going to be giving to some known bitcoiners who can help get the word out.”
- Jordan L

“I love it!  My 3 year old and 6 year old sat through the whole thing!”
- Cory S

“What a great idea!  Most adults could use this :-)”
- Natalie B

“Many thanks for putting this together.  Our child is just learning to read.  I’m so excited to share this with them and for it to be part of their educational journey on Bitcoin.”
- Madison R

“Thank you for the book and personal message.  I enjoyed reading it to my daughter and can’t wait to teach her more about Bitcoin.”
- Ryan S

“Just bought 2 copies.  One for myself and one for my mom who is a teacher.”
- Patrick P

“Great book!  My kids love it.  I highly recommend it.”
- Maryna S

“Got this little Bitcoin book for our kids.  Teach them young.  Great book!”
- Ali H

“I like all the details and the happy ending.  It’s not just for kids but also for adults to understand Bitcoin.”
- Jessica F

“The subliminal messages in this book are hilarious. Absolutely love it!”
- Jeff B

“Such a fantastic book, I love it and can’t wait to read it to my children and grandchildren!” - Tamalyn V


"Haha I love it!"
- Alex W

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